Meet the Blain Kids!

Melissa works with a friend of mine and she recently contacted me to take some photos of the kiddos.  It's recently been so chilly here in Ohio...but we lucked out with a beautiful day.  It wasn't too cold, and wasn't hot!  So nice!

I hope you enjoy the photos Melissa.  Now go clear your walls because there's LOTS more.  They should be in your mailbox soon!

The Julian Family

Any of you who know me, know that The Julian Family means a lot to me...and my family!  We've known them for over 7 years.  I was Loganns nanny/babysitter for 4 years, until it was time for her to go off to preschool and me to get a full time (outside of the home) job.  We've remained good friends and it was time for them to have some new family photos.  I also had some new photo props and as soon as I got the idea I knew Logann was the one I wanted to try them out on! 

We love you Julian Family.  I hope you enjoy your photos!

The Downie Family!

Meet the Downie Family! They live close to us, and Lainey comes over a few days a week after school, until her parents get off work.  It's so fun taking photos of a family that I know! 
Thank you Downie Family for allowing me to capture memories of your lives!  I hope you enjoy your photos :)

Meet the Martin Family!

We've known Angie (& family) for a long time.  She and my mom worked together at two different schools.  Angie was actually the winner of my FRESS session when I first launched my Facebook page.  She reffered all of her friends to my page! 

I met them at her parents farm.  Talk about beautiful.  It was awesome.  Barns, Ponds, Cabins, Swings, Trees, Fences.  LOVED it! 

This boat was Angie's Grandfather' was awesome!

What a cutie!

Thank you Martin Family for allowing me to take your photos.  I hope you enjoy them!  I had so much fun taking your family photos.  And Thank You Angie for sending me all of your friends. 

The Mitchell Family!

My cousin Jenn (Mitchell) McKee asked me to do family photos of her, her brother, sister, mom, aunt, and all of their significant others.  We decided on a location and set a date.  She organized their schedules and their outfits!  I took my mom and my little one, because they're family, and we haven't seen them in a long time.  So it was a bit of a mini family reunion also!!

They love each other so much :) 
Thank you guys for allowing me to photograph your family.  It was great seeing all of you! I hope you enjoy your photos!