Columbus Ohio Wedding

Stephanie & Jacob's Dayton Wedding

Jake was in my friend's wedding a few years ago...referrals are my favorite!  Stephanie emailed me several months ago and booked me without even meeting me.  We did their engagement photos in the Spring then they're wedding day came quick.  They found this awesome venue in Dayton.   Cedar Springs Pavillon.  It was very much worth the drive out there.  The weather was perfect (a little hot, but the sun was shining and the sky was blue).   We had so much fun with these two.  Stephanie was chill and ready to walk down the aisle with her grandpa to see her fiance for the first time.  Jake was grinning ear to ear, waiting for her. 

Thank you two for letting us be apart of your day.  We had so much fun, and I loved spending the day with you guys!

 Jo, I love you for always pushing me outside of my box. <3

This was something special.  At the end of the night Stephanie's Grandpa pulled us aside and gave us each one of these crisp two dollar bills.  He told us if we never spend it, we'll never be broke.  It was the sweetest thing.  It's in my office, where it will stay <3

Just a few behind the scenes... with our super cool shades.  That's how we roll. 

Chris & Kayleigh's Rainy June Wedding

A wedding on a Saturday in June.  You'd expect a hot summer day, right?  No we had a rainy day.  A LOT of rain.  I arrived at Chris & Kayleigh's wedding (and reception) location.  It was being held on a family friend's property in Grove City, Ohio.  BEAUTIFUL.  Green grass for days and trees and tress.  A photographers dream.  Only the rain had other plans for us.  Kayleigh was chill, and not worried about the day and the plan.  Afterall that's what they had a tent for.  We came up with a plan B for their first look and bridal party photos and went with it.  The rain stopped about an hour before the ceremony.  It was perfect timing.  Enough time to clean up, regroup and start on time.  I met these two last year, through a mutual friend.  They're both sweet as pie and I was so excited for their big day.  I knew Kayleigh had worked so hard on the detils and I couldn't wait to see them all come together.  

Her dress was seriously one of my favorites of all time.  Absolutley amazing. 

Kayleigh had this ladder at the front of the ceremony site as a surprise to Chris.  One of Chris' buddies (Kevin) passed away a few months ago and these were all things honoring him!  It was beautiful.  More on this later!

I probably hear the song "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks every wedding I photograph.  But this wedding brought a whole new memory to the song for me.  Kevin's (Chris' buddy who had passed away)  parents were there and they danced with Chris, Kayleigh and all their friends to this song.  All the while hugging mom & dad and remembering Kevin.  I'm pretty sure we all had tears!

 The day was perfect!  Congratulations again you two.  I'm so glad I was there to capture it all for you.  I wish you many, many years of happiness <3


Stacey & Daniel are getting married!

My "little" cousin Stacey is getting married in December!  We had a beautiful day a few weeks ago to go do their engagement photos.  We went down to The Ohio State Campus...of course there were TONS of people out and about since it was so nice out.  :)   I'm so excited for you two, I can't wait to see all of your details come together for your big day.

If you weren't an OSU student (like myself) you probably have never heard of this.  Tradition is if you walk this walk while dating, holding hands and no one comes between you to break you'll be together forever.  They walked it when they were dating.   Of course we had to walk it for a photo.  :)

We caught this tree on THE BEST day.  I loved it so much.  I went back to the park about a week later and it looked NOTHING like this :(