Shawn & Sarah are ENGAGED and oh so Adorable!!

Meet Shawn & Sarah!  Shawn plays for the Columbus Clippers!  (I've been working part time at the games this summer and that's how we got connected...through people each know on staff there.)  Sarah lives in Raleigh, NC and came for the weekend so we could do their session.  We met for their engagement photos at The Park of Roses.  Crystal Jo was with me because she had a wedding and I was second shooting with her, so we just made a day of it!   Shawn & Sarah,  Thank you so much for a great Saturday morning session.  You guys were so easy going and up for anything.    I hope you love these images and hopefully we get a chance to work together again in the future.   <3 

Sarah, you are gorgeous.

It's not secret that most men don't get excited about photo sessions.  But Shawn was awesome. They were so natural and he was so sweet with her.  He asked if we had time at the end if we could take a few photos of them with their truck.  OF COURSE.  You just did whatever we wanted you to do (without complaining) for over an hour lol.  We can totally take some photos of you guys with your (awesome) truck.  

Every time I've been working on their images and I see these photos I start singing Luke Bryan's That's my kind of night.  "I got that real good feel good stuff.
Up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck.  Rollin' on 35s.  Pretty girl by my side." 

Congratulations again you guys!  Thanks for being so great!

Here's a few behind the scenes photos.  Thank you Crystal for carrying my bag, helping me and fluffing Sarah's hair!

Stacey & Daniel are getting married!

My "little" cousin Stacey is getting married in December!  We had a beautiful day a few weeks ago to go do their engagement photos.  We went down to The Ohio State Campus...of course there were TONS of people out and about since it was so nice out.  :)   I'm so excited for you two, I can't wait to see all of your details come together for your big day.

If you weren't an OSU student (like myself) you probably have never heard of this.  Tradition is if you walk this walk while dating, holding hands and no one comes between you to break you apart...you'll be together forever.  They walked it when they were dating.   Of course we had to walk it for a photo.  :)

We caught this tree on THE BEST day.  I loved it so much.  I went back to the park about a week later and it looked NOTHING like this :(

Kristi & Matt, Engaged!

 These two are getting married... NEXT WEEK!  I can't believe their big day is JUST around the corner.  It's going to be awesome.  It's at The Vault in Columbus, Ohio.  I can't wait to see all the details come together.  We headed downtown to do their engagement photos a few weeks ago.  They were so not picky and up for anything I told them to do...LOVE that :)

Enjoy these you two!  See you in a week!


Ashley & Ryan's Jamaica wedding!

 ohmigosh...Ashley and Ryan are MARRIED!  I have told this story before, but for those of you who don't know... I met Ashley & Ryan in February of 2011...they came to me for their little man's 3 month photos.  It was all she wrote after that.. :) I started babysitting their son, and we became friends!  Ashley was planning their Jamaica wedding and I made a joke that it would be awesome if I could go as their photographer...that joke turned into reality!  My husband and I traveled with them, and the rest of their friends and family to Montego Bay, Jamaica this June.  It was simply amazing.  The whole trip was awesome.  I feel so blessed to have been such a huge part of their wedding day and trip!   This is by far the largest blog post I've ever done...I just couldn't narrow the photos down.....

Flowers like this everywhere. 

 Ashley & Ryan have another friend from NY who is also a photographer, she stepped in to be my second shooter.  It was so nice to have her there.  She hung out with the guys and took photos of them getting ready, while I hung out with the girls!  

 Ashley did an AMAZING job at the details, even though she had to travel with them.  Like this bowl... their rings were tied in it, and it was passed around during the ceremony for everyone to say a wish over, or a small prayer or a blessing for Ashley and Ryan, and then it came back to them when it was time for them to exchange them! LOVE that!

 I would like to point out that these flowers are fake... and Ashley made the bouquets & boutonnieres!  They were awesome.   
Girls, girls, girls :)

 I don't know why I was so in awe at how beautiful she looked...I mean she's always so classy looking and well put together.  But she looked Ahhhmazing!

 I am so in love with her dress. I LOVE it.  ps girls...she's thinking about selling it.... if you know someone getting married you better CALL HER!

 She had a gift made for her mom... this moment was one of my favorite moments I've every photographed at a wedding.  These two have awesome love for each other, and it was so great to watch! 

 I took that, while walking, without looking, with my camera hanging down to my side...And I LOVE it!

 Hey girl, hey!  <3

 As BEAUTIFUL as that dress was...it was HEAVY, and HOT.  Time for a little airing out!

 So about 10 minutes after this shot the clouds rolled in, and it started raining :(  Of course the wedding was planned to be on the beach...we waited and waited for the rain to stop, but it just wasn't giving in.  The resort moved everything inside, and we went with plan B!  It was still amazing, and beautiful, it just threw a wrench in our plans...but we all made the best of it.  After all, we were in JAMAICA!

 This is how you do a cake smash Jamaica style.... Half of the piece in the Brides mouth and then the groom eats the other half! 

 Thank you, you two, for allowing Josh and I to come there with you...to be a part of your day.. guests at your wedding...and friends!  We had an amazing time, and are so thankful for the experience.  We love you both and wish you all the best and MANY, MANY years of happiness.  La Bella Vida!