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Understanding Facebook Posts

You’ve probably seen myself (or other small businesses) post on Facebook about how it helps us if you “like”, comment or share the things we post.  I thought I’d take some time to explain WHY that is...and I'm going to try to keep it simple so I don't overwhelm you with numbers and analytical terms (which I happen to love).   Back in October Facebook completely changed how they allow our posts to show up to those people who “like” our fan pages.   My posts do not show in the newsfeeds of every one of the 3,111 fans that I have.  In fact, I’m lucky if they reach half of that amount of people. 

I could post a photo and it will tell me it reached 1,200, but that doesn’t mean that those 1,200 people “like” my page. 

I can view analytics of my page and see if those my posts reach were Organic (views from newsfeed, or directly from my page), Viral (people saw it from a story that was published by a friend.  Such as a friend of theirs liked or commented on a post of mine).  I love to watch these analytics and understand them.  Here are some examples of a few recent posts of mine.

The Image on the left had 24 comments and 39 likes, therefore reached 1,955 people.  The image on the right only have 26 likes and 1 comment so only 39 people saw it. 

The Image on the left had 0 comments and 18 likes, therefore reached 783 people.  The image on the right had 6 comments but 80 likes and reached 2,972 people.

When you leave a nice comment, or “like” a post or even are so generous as to “share” a post of mine…more of my fans can see my post.   

In addition to all of that, they changed things yet again even more recently to make it so that they "unlike" fan pages on your behalf if you are not "active".  If you do not "like" a photo, comment on one or post to the wall of the fan page, 3 times within a calendar month they consider you not active and remove you as a fan from that page.... So nice of them, right?! 

Therefore if you post, share, comment or like; you are supporting a small business.  Your support and love do not go unnoticed to me.  I find ways every year to give back to my clients as a thank you for supporting me.  I am one person running this business, and I value each and every one of my 3,111 fans (and growing) and REALLY love and value those of you who come to me time and time again for photos of your families!   This is my job, my passion and my income to support my family.  I have worked extremely hard to grow my business and cannot tell you how grateful I am for each and every one of you!

All of that being said; in previous years Facebook has proven to be a very valuable tool within my business…and it still is.  But I have changed (and am changing) many things about my business and ways of reaching my clients and fans because you just can’t put all your eggs in one basket ;-)

edited to add;  You can receive notifications every time I post something if you prefer to do that so you do not miss anything ;)   if you visit my Facebook fan page, and hover your mouse over the "liked" at the top, then click "get notifications" :)

Thank you all again for your love!

Spring Mini Session announcement

As you all know LeAnne, Sarah and I are all hosing our Spring Mini sessions together again this year.  We're SO excited to share with you the location.  Zassy's Treasures & Design will be helping us with this event. We will be holding the sessions at her barn and she will be assisting us in the design of our "prop stations."   I'm sure a lot of you have heard us talk about Cassy before.  I've done photos of her little girl, who is absolutely adorable I might add :)   This event is going to be unlike any of the mini sessions we have done previously.  I CANNOT wait to see how it all comes together!

Please go "Like" her page and show her some love.  She does AMAZING work! 

I do have a 9:40am, 12:20pm and 4:40pm spot open so grab yours today because you will not want to miss out. 

Email me now!



My face behind the lens!

Sarah & I went out last weekend to do our family photos and it was way too cold and nasty.  We decided to do some fun quick head shots of each other, I've been wanting some for awhile and just haven't made it happen! I decided to make a post out of it, a way of you getting to know ME! IMG_8780

Here are the basics: I'm married to a wonderful loving husband and father--Josh.  We just celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary, but we've been together almost 12 years.  He played basketball, I was a cheerleader--separate schools but our schools played each other in sports with that and the help of "ICQ"  We hit it off and became inseparable quickly!    We have two gorgeous babies--Zoe (4) and Graham (19 months) .  We live in what I call a too small of a home, but it's home for us!  I babysit a few days a week, in our home-- that's my "day time job".

IMG_8826Now some not so average things: My Strengths:  You know that saying "They'd give you the shirt off their back"  that's so true for me.  It's so cliche but so true for my personality.  I would do anything for my friends and family, and even those whom I don't know. I can multitask.  In fact sometimes I am bored if I'm not multitasking. I work well under pressure.  Sometimes I don't mean to procrastinate, it just happens because my plate is full, but when it comes down to the wire I can get it done! And I like my plate full.  I don't know what to do with myself if I have "down" time. I can manage a room full of active kids better than I can adults sometimes. I can remember what you said or wore months ago, but then forget where I put my keys 10 minutes ago.


Weaknesses: Saying NO.  My friend and I just had this conversation the other day! I over analyze everything.   It's hands down my biggest weakness, I'm learning to let go of it a little. But It's HARD for me.  Easier said than done. I take things to heart.  Big time. So I over analyze it, then I take it to heart. Buying Jeans.  I could own a million pairs.  (My husband calls it a weakness, I call it a strength) Sweets


I Love: Pepsi.  Growing up my "papaw" (My grandpa on my moms side) ALWAYS had a cup he filled with ice and then poured pepsi over it.  I can still see him standing there doing it.  Those tiny little square ice cubes from the white plastic trays.  He's who I can thank for my love of pepsi.  There's nothing like a COLD glass of pepsi.  (See my OCD section) Chevron Making lists Playdates with my girlfriends and their kids Skinny jeans (or leggins) and boots Fall smells coming from my scentsy burners Hearing my kids laugh Date nights with my hubby Girls nights with my best friends Birthdays.  I think it's an awesome opportunity to spoil someone you love. Making people happy Working out.  (Even a year ago I would have never thought I'd say that) That my kids have grandparents that love to spend time with them


Things that are important to our family: Dinner at the table Bedtime kisses Music.  (We LOVE music.  I could go all day with the TV off (in fact I do most days when I'm home with the kids, but we play a lot of music) Vacations


OCD: My physiologist once told me; (yes I go to one.  I won't hide that.  I think everyone deserves an outsider to vent to and to keep you in check)  that everyone has OCD in someways, we all just express it differently.  Here is were mine comes out: I have to have a certain amount of ice in my cup  before my drink goes in it. I can't wear socks that are too thin, it creeps me out. I'm weird about pens that I use, if they're too thin I just can't do it. I can't stand to touch the second toe on my foot. (It is weird to me, I hate it) My nails.  I've had "fake" nails on since I was about 16 and I'm OCD about how they're done.


Hobbies: I don't really have any other hobbies that I do on a consistent basis now.  I have a few different things I like, but nothing big.   I have a few magazines that I like to read when I have "downtime".  Maybe I should take a photo of the stack of them I have sitting... because I obviously have downtime to read them.


What do you not go one day without doing? I don't go a day without eating SOMETHING sweet.  When I was pregnant with my son I developed the worst sweet tooth.  Now everyday I have to find something small to satisfy it.


What do you watch on tv: oh gosh.  I watch (dvr, and watch while editing) a lot.  But right now we're really into The blacklist and Orange is the new black.


Favorite Ice cream:  (Just for you CJ ;-) ) Cinnamon


What are you doing on a normal day at 10:00am and 10:00pm? 10AM:  Teaching, playing with, or entertaining Kiddos! 10PM:  Editing



Things my mama taught me: Don't say "it's ok" when someone apologizes  if it's not ok.  Just say Thank you. How to sew You respect people.  Always. Everyone has a disability (even if it's a just a weakness) once you figure out what it is, you know them on another level and you can help them grow or your relationship grow. Don't apologize for the way you fee.  They're your feelings, own them.


I think that's about it.  I hope that gives you some good insight into who I am! :)


Everything changes!

It's no big secret I haven't been a very good blogger.  I very much disliked my old blog, and I've been trying to figure out how I wanted to redo it.  Well I've finally made the decision, along with some other VERY big decisions about my business. I've decided on the look, the feel and the emotion I want my business to carry.  I've been working hard on the details in order to make that all show through to you all, and especially to my clients. Now it's time to execute all of those changes.  I have a new blog coming, and some other surprises!  Please keep reading my blog, as I'm going to be better about updating it.  Hang in there with me as I try to do all of this right in the middle of my BUSY season!