Columbus Ohio Birth

If you've followed my photography for any length of time you've seen me post about Kelly & Jacob...or heard me talk about them.  BUT if you haven't, here's the scoop.  Kelly emailed me in January of this year...they had JUST found out they were expecting and NO ONE knew.  She had this plan on how she wanted to tell them all. We planned a "family photo session"  everyone met us, Sarah and I were there to photograph it and video it.  We would do a big group photo and in the middle of it, I would say... "Say Kelly's pregnant" and then capture their reactions.  We did it, and it turned out perfect.  Watch it here.  We stayed in touch and did their gender reveal.  View it here.  They were thrilled to find out they were expecting a boy.  Then I did their maternity photos....seriously one of my favorite maternity sessions ever.   Then it was time to wait for this special little man.  Kelly wanted to have him labor day weekend.  She text me at 8:00am on Saturday, said she was having contractions and was going to see how they went.  I packed my bag, made arrangements for my kids.  Her husband called me around 9:00am and said she was putting on make up (typical of her ;-)  ) and heading to the hospital.  By 10:30 I hadn't heard anything and I text him to see how it was response.  Okay, no biggie I'm sure they're busy getting checked in.  He calls me at 11:00, she's a 9 and just got her epidural.  EXCUSE ME.  WHAT.  I left my house while I was still on the phone with him.  "Don't let them break her water"  "Please Lord let me make it there for them."  I prayed those things all the way there.  I made record time to the hospital, parked and booked it inside.  When the nurse buzzed me back into L&D I heard someone say my name; I turned around and it was a doctor that I know.  Sarah shot her son's birth and we did his newborn photos.  She was Kelly's doctor.  Best day ever.  She knew I was coming and was waiting for me.  She followed me into Kelly's room, broke her water and it was almost show time.  

These two.  I love their love.  He adores her and she lights up when she looks at him.  

Nice job on that Make up, Kelly! ;-)

When they decided with their nurse that it was time to start pushing, or at least test pushing....Kelly asked Jacob to say a prayer.   Perfection.  

Then it was time.  

Her eyes.  On the prize.  She used the mirrors, and kept her eyes on her baby boy making his way down.  

I told ya.  <3

So Kelly is a teacher.  She brought this book for them to read to Gunner.  He got his first bath, a fresh blanket and was snuggled up in mommy's arms for his first book.  It was seriously the sweetest thing ever.  

Congratulations (again) you two.  I seriously couldn't be happier for the two of you.  You guys are so sweet and I'm so glad I was able to be such a big part of Gunner's life, even before he was born.  I can't wait to watch him grow!!  <3

I'll be sharing his newborn session soon!!