Baby Elliott [Newborn Session]

Sarah emailed me a few weeks ago for newborn photos of their new little man.  I love doing newborn sessions so I was super excited to schedule her in.  We went to see them Friday morning.  For new parents they were on it, showered, dressed and ready to go by 9:30am (I love that!).  

Their family  are big Top Gun fans.  So... he had to have some babyavitors ;)  

If you follow me on Instagram you saw I posted a behind the scenes photo of this bassinet.  This was his momma's...her grandpa made it for her when she was born and now they use it for him in their room.  It's it amazing?! 

Hello there Handsome!! 

A few behind the scenes photos; 

He was so content hanging out in there.  He wasn't crazy about sleeping for us, but I'm sure once we left he was out like a light! 

Me doing my thing :)

Sarah doing hers :)  We try to do newborn sessions with each other, as much as possible.  It's SO nice to have another set of hands during a newborn session!  Thank you Sarah!