A lego and a minion go trick or treating.

We took the kiddos to a friends house in a local neighborhood so they could trick or treat with their friends.  It was chillly, and mom of the year...I forgot their gloves.  But they were layered up and ready for some treats.  A few months ago I tried to plan our costume, a family costume...I wanted to be the Inside out characters but my little man wasn't having it.  He wanted to be a Lego.  So we had a minion and a lego.  How cute are they?! :)   We made G's costume...well by we I mean, I planned it out and my dad made it happen.  G was SO proud of how it came out.  Everyone loved it and kept complementing him and he blushed every single time.  It was adorable. 

This happened.  He couldn't lift his legs so we had to lift up the steps to people's houses.  But we were walking and he face planted.  We all were cracking up, I thought my mom was going to pee her pants.  He couldn't get up, so naturally I had to take a photo first ;-)  I promise I helped up up after this!!

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!