Isaac turns TWO!

If you follow me on instagram you probably remember this shot as a quick little sneak peek from my session last week.  And if you don't follow me, you should ;-) Here. 


Meet Isaac!  He's turning two. And he was so much fun.  We hung out and he was so easy going..and SO well dressed. 

I seriously love this black and white photo. 

Who doesn't love a good Scrunchy nose photo :)

A huge thank you to Zassy's Treasures and Design for renting us use her property for this session! We had a beautiful night for it, and it was perfect.

So Isaac was great the entire session, but he's two...and we all know how two year old's can be with photos.  In the middle of the session an airplane flew over. He was in love.  THEN we got lucky.  Every 5-7 minutes another would fly over.  He was so so happy.  He did whatever I asked in between airplanes because he was patiently waiting.  It was perfect :) 

I leave you with a feet photo.  Imagine that :)  Happy Weekend everyone!