Stacey & Daniel are getting married!

My "little" cousin Stacey is getting married in December!  We had a beautiful day a few weeks ago to go do their engagement photos.  We went down to The Ohio State Campus...of course there were TONS of people out and about since it was so nice out.  :)   I'm so excited for you two, I can't wait to see all of your details come together for your big day.

If you weren't an OSU student (like myself) you probably have never heard of this.  Tradition is if you walk this walk while dating, holding hands and no one comes between you to break you'll be together forever.  They walked it when they were dating.   Of course we had to walk it for a photo.  :)

We caught this tree on THE BEST day.  I loved it so much.  I went back to the park about a week later and it looked NOTHING like this :(