Fall mini session giveaway!

Last week I decided I wanted to give away one mini session for my Fall mini sessions, being held on September 30th.  I asked for people to submit stories about why they, or someone they know should be chosen to receive a free photos.  I got a handful of responses.  And then I had to pick one .... wow what pressure!  I did make a decision and have decided to give the 15 minute session to TWO "winners".  My heart goes out to them both...I can't make a decision.  And in respect for them both I'm not going to post their names, at least until I contact them and tell them what they've won!

Thank you all for your entries.  I hope to be able to offer this again in the future.  I have always been one to believe that if you give into the world what you want out of it, it will come back to you.  I've been blessed with my family, and with my business, and I only feel it's right to offer these sessions to someone deserving.