Mr. & Mrs. Egelhoff

(First I'm sorry if these are all wonky and not in line... blogger is being WEIRD tonight and not allowing me to move photos)
Jordan & Lyndsey are MARRIED!  They had one of the FUNNEST  weddings we've been to in awhile.  (Sarah was second shooting with me)  The boys were a riot.  Jordan had warned me that they were a handful and that everything took 20 minutes longer than it should with "normal" boys...but I just laughed it off...until we got a first hand look at it.
Isn't this church beautiful?

That photo of Jordan covering his face.... This is pretty much how the entire speech went...Jordan (and everyone else) CRACKING UP!  I think Jordan was crying at one point, since he was laughing so hard!

Thank you Jordan & Lyndsey for allowing us to be a part of your BIG day.  We had an awesome time!  I hope you both have MANY, MANY years of happiness.