The perfect bow!

I'm sitting here editing away at Brooke & Bret's wedding photos.  I came across one that I thought deserved it's own blog post.

I can be a bit OCD.  I think most people who really KNOW me, know that.  (Aren't we all a bit OCD, in some way? Just say yes!)  One of my "things" is perfect bows.  I'm kind of anal about them.  When a bride is getting dressed...I always worry if her dress has a bow, that it will look just PERFECT.  Well I used to just hold it in, and keep it to myself...but the secrets out.  I tied my first bow on a bride last fall.  It was my pleasure! :)  THEN, while second shooting with Sarah a few months back, the bride got her dress on...someone started to tie the bow and they asked if anyone could tie a good bow.  I almost didn't say anything...but then I did.  "I can."  "Seriously?" they replied with a smile.  "Yes!" I said.  I jumped in and tied her a perfect bow!

Then at my last happened again.  "Can anyone tie a good bow?"  they asked.  (Of course directing it to the other bridesmaids in the room)  "Tasha can!"  Sarah said.  I jumped in and tied her a perfect bow too.  I'm so glad I could complete your dresses; Kim, Cristina & Brooke!  <3