Bret + Brooke {Married}

I love these two!  Love them!
Brooke is a friend of another one of my brides, and she came to me MONTHS ago...Bret was deployed and she was planning the wedding.  We met at Panera on a cold rainy night and chatted over frozen drinks.  {yum}  Fast forward a few months...Bret comes home just a few short weeks before the wedding and I finally get to meet him for the first time.

These two had a beautiful day for their wedding, hot yes, but it was beautiful.  They decided to do a first look ::Photographers cheer with excitement::.  It was wonderful.  I asked them afterwards if it was worth it...and they said YES!  :)

 The shoe shot was one of Sarah's.  Nice Sarah! :) Love that one!
We had fun...can you tell? :)
Congratulations you two.  We LOVED working with you, and wish you MANY years of happiness! xoxoxo