Mason's Birth Story!

Our day started at about 4:30 am...up and dad and Megan picked me up and we grabbed some early, 5:00am breakfast and headed to meet Devon at the hospital.  Devon had worked the night before, and had to get off work early at 6:00am.  (he was scheduled to work until 7:00am)  They got all checked in, moved into a room and started hooking Megan up about 6:30am.  Wires, questions, nurses...all that fun stuff!  The worst part was when they put Megan's IV in.... she warned them that she didn't like needles, the nurses where just kind of like "oh ok"  (you know everyone says that)  but they figured out she was VERY serious when she blacked out, couldn't hear us and was dripping sweat.  She was just a HAIR from passing out.  Then they started the pitocin at 8:30am.  Devon took about a two hour nap while things were moving slow.  By 10:00am things were getting more and more painful.  Megan told herself she was going to wait until 11:00 to get her epidural.  By 10:15 I was getting the nurse to start the process! :)  Devon was awake by then and trying to comfort her a bit.  After that things moved QUICK!  She was at 6cm, My dad and I went down to get all of us some lunch at about noon (minus Megan)  We at lunch and I went to get Alyvia for one last visit.  I walked in with her and they said she was at 9cm!  We got Alyvia out of there and waited for the doctor.  The doctor came in, checked everything out and he was right there, ready to come on out.  I text my parents at 1:25 and said she was about to start pushing.  He was born at 1:31 pm!   :-)

Here's a link to the Birth Story video if you haven't seen it yet.  Click Here.