Jeremy & Lindsay...SO IN LOVE!

These two... oh where do I even begin!
Lindsay is actually my husbands AUNT....but we're only a few years apart.  (My husband's grandpa remarried, later in life--a younger woman! :) )

They have been together for about 8 years and he (finally) proposed.  Of course she said YES!!  Lindsay was on the phone calling me, AS SOON AS he proposed.  They set a date and we set a date for engagement photos.  She immediatly asked about doing some inside the OSU stadium.  They're huge buckeye fans and she knew Jeremy would LOVE it.  I think we all three LOVED it. 

It was my first time inside the stadium to take photos....We just enjoyed the awesomeness!

Enjoy your sneak peek you two... I cannot wait to share the rest with you, and shoot your wedding in November!  ps, I hope the rest of your day was magical ;-)