Jessi & Josh {in Love...again}

 Meet Josh & Jessi....Jessi is my sister in law (She's my husbands sister).  Cutest girl ever.  She's so tan, so ridiculously good looking and so tiny.  She can wear anything and make it look good!  Josh and Jessi were together for a LONG time about two years ago, and then they went their separate ways...and love brought them back together.  (I secretly always hoped and kinda knew it would)  And it's like they were never even apart.  They asked me to do some photos of them...just for fun.  OF COURSE.

  They're two fun, young, and colorful "kids".  We went downtown and had some fun!  We had a beautiful Saturday with lots of laughs, ice cream and fun! 

This one was ALL Jessi's Idea :)
We love you two & wish you the best!