Magic Date

Here are the contest details.
I'm going to choose a "Magic Date"
The date is sometime between today (May 27th, 2011) and December 31, 2011.
You may guess one time in each "round."
We'll do UP TO two rounds.

Round one will start now (10:30 pm Friday night) and run until 10:30pm tomorrow night (Saturday).  That round will run until 10:30pm Sunday night (which will be two).  If someone guesses the date during round one we will stop there, and there will be no round two.

If no one guesses the date in round one or round two, then the person who chose the date closest to the magic date, without going over, will be the winner.

Make sense?

Just a reminder you MUST comment on the status that says "Round one starts now"  (and then tomorrow night it will say "Round two starts now")  No other dates will count unless they are on that status.
One entry per person, per round. 

The winner will receive one 45 minute on location session complete with up to 10 hi resolution images!  

Thank you!  Now go guess :)