This girl....

Meet Kendra!  She is a dear friend of one of my friends (and neighbors)...I've met her and got to know her a few times at parties and such.  Several months back she asked me to do some photos of her, when she gets her braces off...."SURE, I'd LOVE to"  I told her.  She said she hadn't had photos done of herself since probably her high school Senior photos, and it was time to take some!  She said she'd let me know when it was time.  A few weeks ago, I get an email from that I was NOT expecting at ALL.  She asked if we could go ahead and set up a time to do her photos in the next few weeks...she went on to explain that she has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I was speechless.  I offered to do Kendra's session for her, at no charge.  My way of giving something special to her.  We did her session on a Saturday, she cut her hair the following Thursday.  THIS Thursday she's having surgery. 
Kendra is SO full of life.  She laughed and smiled the entire time we did her photos.  You would have never been able to tell that she was just given such crazy life altering news. 
Kendra, I hope you enjoy your will be in my thoughts and prayers during your journey!